Information Material

Broschüre zu häufigen Fragen rund um das Thema Hefeextrakt

The overview brochure “Frequently Asked Questions about Yeast extract” specifically addresses consumers by providing answers to frequently asked questions and shortly describes yeast extract as an ingredient, as well as its use and role in many everyday food products.

Titelbild Broschüre zu Vorteilen und Besonderheiten von Hefeextrakt

The brochure “Yeast Extract – naturally Good” is mainly targeted towards the retail and the food industry but is also suitable for consumer communication. It highlights the unique components, characteristics and numerous benefits of yeast extract.

Broschüre mit Informationen zu Hefeextrakt für Ernährungsexperten

The brochure “Yeast extract – Information for food professionals” provides in-depth background information for nutritionists and other experts from the food sector to illustrate the effects of yeast extract on taste, along with further details on the production of yeast extract and its uses in food production.